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We are a location triggered reminder app that allows you to manage different lists with different locations and configurations.



Easy to use

After creating a list and configuring it's settings, using Proximity is as easy as opening the app and tapping straight into your chosen list. If a location was assigned to that list then when you get to within the chosen distance you will be alerted on your iPhone, Apple Watch and whatever else you have paired with your iPhone.


There's no limit to the various possible uses for Proximity. The obvious choice is Shopping Lists but many users use it for work reminders. Particularly if work involves different locations for meetings for example. You can set reminders for going to the gym or to remember a present for someone from a particular store you might travel near on the way home. If you don't want to be reminded every day for months to buy Christmas presents you can add Start and End Dates or Only Alert Between certain times.  


Choosing a location is optional. You may have some reminders that don't require a location trigger. 

If you opt for a location simply enter an address or move the map and drop a pin. Next select an approximate radius distance for the alert to be triggered. You'll see the radius circle change on the map as you select the distance.